Payment info for UK patients

Self-paying private patients

The cost for in-patient care or attending a private out-patient consultation and any tests or treatment can be obtained by calling 020 7099 8777.

We request that you settle the invoice within 14 days. The invoice will include the consultant’s fee and charges for any in-patient care, diagnostic tests and treatments. We accept most major debit and credit cards, Bank transfer and personal cheques. Full payment methods are shown on the invoice.

Please note; you may receive an invoice from the hospital for any x-rays, scans, blood tests, equipment used etc. This will be issued by the hospital and payable to them.  Credit and Debit card details given to the hospital are not passed to the consultant.

Insured private patients

See referrals for more details

Like all private healthcare providers, we are obliged to make sure you have authorisation for your consultation or treatment from your private medical insurer, before your visit. We are not able to obtain this for you.  You will require a referral from your GP and you will need to contact your medical insurer to seek their authorisation prior to coming to The Consultants’ Clinic.

Check the terms of your insurance policy

Patients should always check the terms and conditions of their insurance policy so that they are aware of their level of cover.

Insurance Shortfall/Excess

If the insurance company is unable to fund your claim in full, we will require you to pay the balance immediately by either Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer or cheque.  Please contact my accounts department on 020 3291 0693 for further details.

Contact Address:

The Clementine Churchill Hospital
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T: 020 7099 8777
F: 020 8423 7718

Outpatient Clinics:

Mrs Preeti Shah

Accounts Department:

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